Specializing in Smart Homes and IOT

Camphor Bay is a leading technology innovator for smart automated homes and home networking solutions. Special attention to details and material is part of our philosophy. We take pride in designing and implementing complete solution as well as our top-notch customer service.

Our solutions include Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Google Assistant. We design the network based on customer needs from Voice enabled to scenario based automation and AI. Most networks include wireless elements that supportĀ  protocols such z-wave and Zigbee.

We are also experts in implementation of end-to-end solutions with in-house software and programming that covers all ranges of IOT devices to control lighting, temperature, shades, alarm system, cameras and motion.

What We Do

Smart homes

Home Automation


Design and implementation

Green Building

Why Camphor Bay?

  • Smart automated homes and home networking
  • Technology experts
  • Beautiful architecture and design
  • Focus on details, materials and exceptional workmanship
  • Customer-oriented, agile, attentive, top service